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Beach Buccaneers March Madness Square Pool

2021 Beach Buccaneer NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Squares Pool

There is a 100-square grid - each square will be sold for $25, making a total of $2,500.00.
$1,500.00 will go to the pot and $1,000 will help support the Beach Buccaneer Youth Club.

After all the squares have all been sold, the numbers will be randomly assigned (maximum of 5 squares per person).

The same numbers will be used for ALL 63 GAMES in the tournament! 
(Rounds 1 thru the National Championship. The 4 First Four games will not be used.)

The 63-game tournament starts on Thursday, March 18th and ends on Monday, April 5th.

We are using runyourpool.com to keep track of the squares - click the link or go to the website, click the link at the top to join a pool.

The pool id is 131838 and the pool password is beachbucs2021.

Once registered, a link to pay will be emailed, payments must be made by Monday March 17th or your name will be removed and given to someone else.

This format makes it possible to win multiple games with the same numbers.

Payouts will increase with each round of the tournament - see below:



Number of games 


Total Payout

1st Round

$6.25 / game

    32 games



2nd Round

$12.50 / game

    16 games



Regional Semifinals

$25.00 / game

  8 games



Regional Finals

$50.00 / game

  4 games



National Semifinals

$100.00 / game

  2 games



National Championship 

 $400.00 /game

1 game



National Championship 

 $100.00 1st half

          1 half










The last digits of the final score of each game will be used to determine the winning squares.

The numbers across the top of the grid will represent the WINNING Teams.
The numbers down the left side of the grid will represent the LOSING Teams.

All payouts will be made within 2 days after the tournament has been completed. We will NOT be paying out after each round.

Dave Gaines

Beach Buccaneers

(732) 804-5288

by posted 03/03/2021
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